Who to Bring to Your Appointment

Who to Bring to Your Appointment

You can make or break your wedding dress shopping experience by who you choose to accompany you. Let's be real, it can be a little anxiety inducing! With all your friends telling you and your mom telling you what you should do and what you want, choosing the right people to come with you can be overwhelming. Below are some tips on how to decide who to bring with you when shopping for wedding dresses to save future brides from an inevitable breakdown.




Friendly Family Members


Dress appointments are for fastening buttons, not pushing them. Everyone's got a family member who says things that get under your skin. It's good to have soothing people who are honest and loving. What about future mothers-in-law? You should run it by your mom first. She might not tell you, but this is a really special time for her!



Laidback Bridesmaids


It's best to limit the number of invitations you send (three to five) if you're easily flustered. Think of it as hosting a dinner party - what are people bringing, and will they get along? If it's not to their taste, who will encourage you to pick what's authentically you? You probably shouldn't invite a friend who is a mean girl, a notorious party pooper, or who makes a scene unnecessarily. Plan a FaceTime fashion show, text photos, or take your wedding party and close friends to a fitting to soften the blow of not being asked.



Consider Shopping Solo!


It's a serious suggestion: Go shopping alone at least once - free from judgment, persuasion, and manipulation from others (even those who have good intentions). When it comes to picking the dress that you love, you want someone who is 100 percent on your side.


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