Someone I Know Wore My Wedding Dress Style - What Do I Do?

Many brides believe that someone else wearing their wedding dress style is enough to ruin their wedding day. Here are a few tips to help you combat this fear and have a magical, memorable, and exciting ceremony, no matter what:


We understand that everyone wants to feel unique on such a special occasion, but it’s important to remember that your wedding is a celebration of your love story, surrounded by all of your loved ones. Your ceremony won’t be ruined by wearing a dress that is similar to one someone else wore, and your vows won’t be any less meaningful, either. You are guaranteed to have a special day, despite what dress you wear. 


Prepare a Back-Up Plan

With that being said, if having a one-of-a-kind look is truly non-negotiable, then we recommend you have a back-up plan ready to go if needed. One way to go about this is to buy two dresses, or to select a design with detachable components so that you can decide on the day-of how you’ll wear it. 


Last Minute Adjustments

Preparing for emergencies can often be overlooked in the grand scheme of wedding planning. Luckily, there are seamstresses that offer last-minute alterations, but you’ll still need a few weeks notice to have them completed. We recommend doing some research to find these speedy services in your area, and have them on call if needed.

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