Rules When You Wear Two Dresses

Rules When You Wear Two Dresses

When it comes to choosing your wedding day look, brides today can have their cake and eat it too! It’s super common these days for brides to wear two different dresses for their wedding; for instance, a beautiful ball gown for the wedding ceremony and then something light and flowy for their reception. It’s definitely worth it to wear two different dresses on your big day, but there are some rules you should keep in mind!



 Dress Styles Don’t Have To Match
If you have two dresses, it's a common misconception that they must be consistent in style or cut, but this is not the case. By having two dresses, you won't have to choose between two styles that you love and can't decide between - whether they are traditional and glamorous or white and several colors. While there aren't any rules to follow, many brides choose a more formal ceremony dress and a more casual reception dress that's breathable, fun, and easy to move in!


Plan Out When To Change Dresses

You'll be switching into your second dress at some point during the evening if you have two dresses. What's the best time to switch into your second dress? This will depend on how you will use it. Is the plan to change out of your first gown after the ceremony or to change into your reception dress immediately after the ceremony? Mark your day-of timeline with when you plan to make changes. You should also have helpers to get you out of your ceremony dress!

Have the Right Undergarments for Both Dresses

Wedding underwear is unfortunately not universal, so you should prepare different sets for each dress if necessary. You may have a bodice or bra sewn into your ceremony gown, but your reception gown is likely to be more casual, and you will need to wear a strapless bra or a backless sticky bra.

Pick Your Shoes Wisely

While your long gown may cover the flats you plan on wearing during the wedding ceremony, if your reception dress is short, make sure to get a second pair of shoes for this outfit, or make one pair of shoes work for both outfits. Even though there's no rule that says you can't wear stilettos with a short dress, don't wait until the last minute to choose your shoes. No matter what style of shoes you wear, you should always break them in before the big day - no one wants bridal blisters on their big day! Don't forget to lay out your accessories if you're swapping them out! 

Prepare a Plan for Taking Photos

The timing of your wedding photographs will have to be more carefully planned if you plan on wearing two dresses (and in which dress) during your wedding. You might want to get all the "official" photos taken in this dress, such as those with your family, the wedding party, and your new spouse, assuming your more formal gown will be worn for the ceremony itself. 

Don’t Make the Reception Dress an Afterthought

It is common to see brides wearing a much "less" dress for the reception. They do this for comfort and to save money. But this is a big mistake!
You should consider that the ceremony lasts for about 30 minutes, while the reception lasts for hours. Dresses for your reception should be at least of the same quality as those for your ceremony. After all, you will be photographed more in your reception dress than your ceremony dress! 

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