Nontraditional Wedding Dress Textures

Wedding dress shopping is fun because you can discover all the different fabrics and textures that designers use to create these stunning gowns. There are so many different textures to choose from, as well as popular fabrics like satin, silk, lace, and tulle.


Fabric plays an important role in determining the silhouette of your wedding gown, the formality of the dress, and its cost. When choosing the texture, consider what you want to feel like on your wedding day - are you more interested in a smooth fabric, or would something more intricate be more appealing? Those who prefer something less traditional will enjoy today's post! We’re highlighting some of our favorite non-traditional textures and gowns that you’ll love!


Baroque Lace


This customized fabric features a baroque pattern that’s unique and incredibly detailed! Baroque is an elaborate, highly ornate style of design that flourished in the 17th and 18th centuries and is widely popular today despite its uniqueness. It has made a significant impact on the world of fashion and is a stunning choice for brides who want the most lavish wedding day look. This Elysee gown featured below is covered in gorgeous Baroque lace, completely hand-beaded and shines beautifully!


Elysee By Enzoani



Schiffli Lace


This type of exquisite lace is produced with a shuttle that resembles a boat's hull, hence its name, 'schiffli', derived from a Swiss dialect of German. A Schiffli machine uses a chemically soaked fabric, and unlike other types of machine embroidery, Schiffli embroidery offers a variety of luxurious patterns with a three-dimensional effect! You can see this depicted in this fit and flare gown below that features incredible three-dimensions Schiffli lace applique. It’s absolutely striking!


Martin Thornburg



Sequin Chantilly Lace

 Traditionally, Chantilly lace fabrics are bobbin lace made from black threads with floral or botanical patterns on net or point d'esprit backgrounds. Such a lace concept was first designed in Chantilly, France, where its name originates. The fineness and complexity of patterns make this lace sort a fashionista's favorite across the world! This fabric is perceived as a true luxury statement because of its elegance and complex production process. This Maggie Sottero gown is crafted with beautiful Chantilly lace that is the perfect sparkly wedding gown for a bride looking to stand out. 


Maggie Sottero





Crepes come in a variety of textures, weights, and draping styles. Compared to thick crepe, thin crepe is smooth and elastic; thick crepe is gauzy and crinkled. In spite of its wide range of weights and textures, crepe fabric is usually regarded as a luxurious fabric for wedding dresses, evening gowns, and romantic accessories. There is a long, graceful silhouette to a wedding dress made of crepe. With it alone, you can create a clean, bright appearance, but you can also enhance it with illusions, lace, and shimmer - perfect for a nontraditional bride. There is nothing more flattering than a crepe gown when worn with appropriate undergarments that support your curves flawlessly! Your princess dreams will come true with this chic, crepe wedding gown.


Maggie Sottero





Guipure lace has patterns connected by bars or plaits rather than mesh or net, and is one type of bobbin lace. Patterns were outlined with a thicker thread when they were close together. There is almost a three-dimensional, raised appearance to Guipure lace that adds a tremendous level of interest to a simple gown, which you can see in the beautiful wedding dress below. The magic is really in the details here!


Sophia Tolli





Organza is a light, plain weave fabric. Sheer fabrics are woven in a low density, making them transparent and fairly flimsy. Organza fabric is commonly used to make garments that overlay thicker kinds of apparel, as well as a variety of household textiles, thanks to its transparency and breathability. Silk was the only material used to make organza in the past. Since polyester and nylon are fully synthetic, it's possible to craft this textile from other materials now. Organza fabric is incredibly delicate, so it can't be washed in the washer. This type of fabric has to be washed by hand - if you choose an organza wedding gown, we encourage you to stick to dry cleaning! Organza gowns really are the epitome of a modern fairlytale, and this gown below fits the bill!


Elysee By Enzoani


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