How to Choose The Perfect Bridal Accessories

So you’ve found the perfect wedding dress and now it’s time to accessorize the look! But where do you start? It's important to enhance your gown rather than overpower it with your finishing touches. Today we’re sharing our top tips for choosing the perfect bridal accessories!




Figure Out Your Personal Style


Which look would you prefer: a natural look, a princess look, boho-chic, or a vintage vibe? In order for the end result to look elegant and coordinated, you’ll want your accessories to match the entire look and complement your gown. If you’re going for something more classic and traditional, consider pearls and pretty, delicate earrings with a simple bangle on the wrist. If you’re going less traditional, you can choose a statement necklace and incorporate some vintage styles for an old-school feel.



Use Your Hairstyle To Guide Your Choices


Plan how you will wear your hair and schedule an appointment with your hairstylist. You can talk to your hairdresser about which hair accessories will complement your look - flowers, tiaras, hair pins - the options are endless!



Consider Your Family Heirlooms First


Are you planning on wearing your grandmother’s diamond necklace or your great aunt’s tennis bracelet? Whatever the case, it’s best to start with those pieces and then choose jewelry that complements that piece perfectly. The last thing you want is for those special heirlooms to be overlooked!



Let Your Veil Be The Focus


Should you choose a cathedral-length veil or do you prefer a simple elbow-length veil? Is the lace edging going to match your dress? The material of your veil is important, as it can make the veil look cheap and it will not hang properly if it’s not right. Choosing the right veil can help take the pressure off of choosing the rest of your accessories, as you can choose to keep them more simple and understated.



Have Fun With the Process!


It's so much fun to pick out the perfect accessories for your wedding. Take your time and enjoy choosing! We have a team of bridal experts ready to help you choose the perfect accessories if you need some more guidance.