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You have your wedding gown and now what?

No bride should ever just buy a wedding gown and not do alterations.

99.9% of brides need alterations. Because a wedding gown is not just any dress you would want it to fit just right on your body.

At Jaclyn’s Bridal, we have combined experience of over 50 years just in formal and bridal gowns. Having your gown altered to fit you better is very important but to alter your gown to enhance your figure and actually make you look better is "priceless".

Did you buy your gown elsewhere and it’s not what you thought you were getting? We also do reconstructive alterations. In most cases, we can alter your dress to look more like what you thought you were getting.

Of course this would not have happened if you purchased your dress at Jaclyn’s Bridal but if you bought a dress from out of state or inherited a gown and you want to make it "yours", we can do that too.

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